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Nick, After our teacher conference I found out that Julia's grade in math has went up from a 60 to a 90, the 2nd highest in her class and the top 10 in her whole grade! I am so glad she is turning around! She is going to be so happy when I tell her! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-- Holly H.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being a positive and kind tutor. Your spirit is rare. Having a passion for math and really wanting to teach. I am so thankful for your time, help and that Deven met a man like you.

-- Lisa J.


Hey Nick! I just wanted to let you know I got my IB Diploma! I got 32 points and you needed 24 to get it. I PASSED CALCULUS WOOHOO! Thank you for all the help these past 2 years, it paid off! You were a great math tutor! (:

-- Ruth S.


Nick is a truly gifted math teacher. He began helping our daughter three years ago, and has made an instrumental difference in her math skills and academic confidence. Nick has the ability to make learning math fun for our daughter. He is patient and kind. Nick explains complex math topics in a simple and manageable way. I enjoy listening to him give our daughter feedback that is so positive and then I see her smiling as she masters another math concept. Our daughter actually looks forward to math tutoring sessions with Nick, and that alone says volumes for how positive the learning experience is for her. I highly recommend Nick as an excellent math tutor.

-- Mary and Steve B.


Hey Nick! Just wanted to let you know I passed my Certification Exam as a Pharmacy Tech so now I am nationally recognized. Calculus helped out so much. The math was literally preschool compared to what we did. Thanks again for all the help!

-- Ed H.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I was doing terribly in algebra 2 because I had a very bad algebra 1 teacher and now thanks to you I'm actually learning the basics for algebra. I feel that I finally have the foundation that I needed. Thank you! :)

--Eli K.

Want to thank you again for ALL you did helping Andrew this year...his final grade in math is an A and chemistry B. Couldn't have done it without you! Have a great summer!

--Paul and Jody L.


Hey Nick, thank you so much again and again for all your time and help. I want you to know how much of a big help and influence on my math (and graduating) and I can honestly say that I credit that to you. You are awesome and I wish you the best and hope and pray everything always goes well for you and your family!

-- Jorge W.


Happy Thanksgiving, Nick! I am grateful for having you a wonderful tutor for all those years. I hope you and your family are doing well!

-- Drema and Jim S.


Nick, Valerie got an A on the geometry mid-term! Thanks for your good work with her.

-- Curtis E.

I am so grateful for all the work Nick has done with my son. I really did not think I needed to hire a tutor when my son was entering the 5th grade. After all, I was a college graduate. However, the school my son attends recommended we utitilize a math tutor over the summer. I procarastinated, as usual, and waited until the 11th hour. I'll never forget one of our first sessions with Blue Coast. When Nick the math tutor arrived, they sat down and began to work. I remember wanting to scream out, "No. Not like that. You're going way too slow. You'll never get anything accomplished at this snail's pace. Hurry up. You're doing it wrong. We're almost out of time." This seems very funny to me now. Really, what my son needed, was exactly that: A RELAXED ATMOSPHERE. This is what Blue Coast brought to my home. Immediately my son began to earn "A"s in class. He was moved to the next highest math level in a very short period of time. Then once again, around mid-year, he was moved to advanced math. He has continued to earn "A"s in math every quarter for the past two years. Furthermore, my son enjoys his time with Nick. He looks forward to him coming over each week. He is so excited about his test scores and can't wait to tell Nick. As a parent, I enjoy his flexibility in scheduling around exam time, as well as his good manners and timeliness. Nick has never cancelled an appt. or been late in the two plus years we have worked with him.

-- Howard and Cathy S.


Hey Nick, Our girl is now in Pharmacy School at U of F in St Petersburg -with much help and guidance from you! Thank you so much!

-- Karen C.


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for really going above and beyond to help Lauren get through her first quarter of Algebra. She�s feeling more and more confident in Algebra every day. She even went so far as to say she�s getting it and likes it! That�s a sign of a great tutor! Thanks again for helping Lauren learn a subject that is very difficult for her :)

-- Carolyn R.


Just received Bryan's SAT scores, thought you'd like to know he jumped from 520 in math to 670!!! All the hard work and tutoring this summer paid off!!! Yay!!!

-- Carry and Sam R.


Nick, I just wanted to thank you for all your help and let you know that I passed entrance exam with flying colors! When the recruiter called to tell me that I passed I couldn't believe it and almost lost my cool. I just couldn't believe it! He said that I had one of the highest scores he had seen in a long time and that I was now definitely in the program and he was calling to welcome me. I was stunned to get the call! I could have never done it without you! I am so happy I can't thank you enough. Your help has basically opened my whole future. If I ever need help with math again, you're the guy I'm calling. Again, thank you so much.

--Gabe M.


Nick deserves a big thank you. After 2 months of tutoring, he helped my son achieve his goal of understanding and passing Algebra I. More importantly, my son was able to pass the EOC the 2nd time around. His method of teaching is great. I highly recommend him.

-- Joe and Belinda C.



Nick, I can't thank you enough for dropping everything and coming over here last night. You helped Robert confirm what he was thinking (and freaking out about!) with the lab.

We are truly blessed to have you in our lives! And thanks for taking care of Robert's best pals, Kevin and Tyler, too!


-- Tracy and Mike M.


Nick, I just wanted to say thank you for the help you gave W. over the summer. She is doing great this year. You got her past a big hurdle and gave her confidence. Maybe just seeing a different viewpoint taught her to think more effectively. Anyway, thank you so much. Hope you are having a good year.

-- Erika M.


Nick is great at what he does! His passion for math and desire to see his students succeed is obvious. The kids love him and that is important.

-- Carla and Ed L.

I think Nick and Blue Coast Math Tutoring deserve a big thank you for helping both of our children get through math! He was instrumental in helping our first daughter get accepted into Florida State! The SAT's were her biggest obstacle and Nick really helped her tremendously on the math. We can't thank him enough! After the great experience with our first daughter, the following year we called Nick to help our second daughter who is not a �math person� at all. His sense of humor matched her style very well and she even started to look forward to the sessions which made the experience enjoyable for everyone. She ended the year with an �A� and even better, the sense that she could 'do' math. Thanks to Nick she has confidence approaching Algebra II next year! I strongly recommend Blue Coast to anyone having problems in math!

-- Claire and Dan S.